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June News

"A father carries pictures where his money used to be." - Steve Martin

June 19 2022 is Father's Day.

Work Hard shampoo grip tight clay
Redken Brews for Men

Monthly Special

Save 10 % on all Redken Brews during the month of June for Father's Day.

Summer pre-booking Special!

Redken pink pouch ABC full frame
Redken obsessed

When you visit us June and July, prebook your next appointment and be entered to win one of 8 weekly draws of a Redken best selling product in a Redken pouch!

Five lucky clients have the chance to win a $1000 Travel voucher or a $100 Redken gift basket.

*Canada wide

Mantra by Design

Mantra by Design

We now carry hand made earrings by local artist,

Mantra by Design.

Each set is carefully handcrafted from polymer clay, allowing big statement earrings to be worn at ease as they are lightweight.

Once baked the polymer clay hardens and becomes somewhat flexible making them durable while not feeling heavy.

All earrings are finished with either sterling silver or gold plated earring posts and/or hooks.

Custom orders are available.

No two pairs are alike, allowing you to own one of a kind original piece of jewelry for $25.

Six common questions about growing out your grey....

  1. How long will it take? This answer varies on the growth cycle of your hair but typically hair grows 1/2 inch per month.

  2. Should I cut it off and start over? Totally a personal decision but a good trim to start your process will help.

  3. Can I get it coloured grey? This is not a simple answer. To achieve grey hair, your previously coloured hair needs to be pre-lightened to a near white colour, which isn't always feasible in one sitting and can be quite damaging to your hair. Lowlights are an option to blend out your root growth. Talk to your stylist to see what option best suits your needs.

  4. Will it look thinner? It could and it could appear thinner, especially if you are a brunette because you can see the scalp.

  5. Will I look older? That is relative. Natural colour is the most flattering usually. You may need to change your makeup, your hairstyle or your accessories to enhance your features. Keep in mind your hairstyle will most likely change as will your hair care routine.

  6. Will it look nice? Absolutely!

In short, a conversation with your stylist is the best place to start and consultations are always


Can't wait to see you!

Its all about the hair.

XO Cutting Edge

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